Friday, March 14, 2014

Seaside Series: The Second Afternoon

After taking a quick PB&J break for lunch, we returned to work, if you can call sketching beautiful buildings in equally beautiful weather work. We started by sketching the view from Ruskin Place to the Central Square, where you can see the historic Post Office through the colonnades. It's these planned terminated vistas that are an excellent reason for architecture students to come to Seaside, because although you hear about how you should be incorporating these moments from your professors, it's an entirely different thing to see it in person.

For the second part of the afternoon we had the honor of being taken on the tour by the great Robert Davis, one of the town founders of Seaside. The day ended with us watching the sunrise from a pavilion and walking along the beach.

The view we were sketching looking from Ruskin Place to the Central Square

Pedestrians and cyclists enjoying this no-car zone. 

My sketch of the view. This was actually my second attempt, the first attempt had the proportion of the buildings and alley all wrong.

The view back to Ruskin Place while sitting right in between the Great Southern restaurant, which catered 3 of our meals, and the Heavenly Gelato and Ice Cream store. What I loved most about these 2 buildings is how similar they are as far as general form, but the details make them look like completely different structures. The use of color and the details on the columns and the balconies create 2 distinct visual experiences. 

Collection of student sketches of the view from Central Square back to Ruskin Place. This was to let us see how even though we were technically tooking at the same corridor, the space around it can completely redefine the view. 

An elegant and colorful temple front attached to a residence. The sense of order despite the building's asymmetry is what I think really makes this building pop. 

Professors' Mason and Gindroz talking about the history of the parking lot, which was interesting in its use of trees to mark out the parking.  
Tabita redoing her sketches as we wait for the arrival of Mr. Davis to take us for a tour of Seaside. 

One of Seaside's famous pavilions. 

The colors of the light at sunset have a really great effect on the facades on the beach. 

Beautiful, clean, and simple. 

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