Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Top 10 Architecture Memes

I got the idea for this post after my friend Rodg posted this meme on his Facebook page. 

I thought, "There are probably plenty of architecture memes out there, does anybody ever try to find them?" So I sought and I found quite a few, some of them specific to certain design programs that nobody outside that studio would understand. So here are my personal top 10 list or architecture memes. Enjoy

Enough said.

The things that you think in the middle of a structures final.

Zaha Hadid is not even bothered.

Frank Gehry, describing his design process

Architecture professors

Hipster Ariel

You can read my post on all-nighters here.

High Expectations Asian Father can apply to African parents too.

There were a lot of these "What I think I do" memes, so it was hard to narrow it down, so I included two! 


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  1. lol ..very funny,am also an architecture stnd and can relate with most of them.